Aloha a Loja

It’s a whole new world here in Ecuador. I feel like Jasmine from Aladdin when she says “a dazzling place I never knew… unbelievable sight… can’t go back to where I used to be… every turn a surprise…

Everything from the people, food, culture and way of life is different. I absolutely love everything about Ecuador and so excited that it will be my life.

My first assignment is a small city perched in the mountains called Loja. I cannot get over how gorgeous the Andes mountains are! It is so beautiful the pictures do not do justice. Think of the song “Tradition” from Fiddle on the Roof. That is what Loja is like, very traditional and small town. The people in the Ecuadorian mountains are different form the rest of Ecuador. People her in Loja are all believers in God. Its very rare to find someone who only believes in science or atheists. The mountains are VERY Catholic, even if people don’t practice or believe in it, they claim to be because that’s the culture here.

Family is so important and the people that matter most. Opinions from your family are taken seriously. Children have a lot of respect for their parents and elders, and take very good care of their siblings.

I’ve learned that personal space is a thing that only exists in North American… maybe Europe as well? But i wouldn’t know, I’ve never been there. People are more open here and it’s easy to approach and talk to them and from what I’ve been told are more open and easy going in the coast. You can ask them ANYTHING and they will share all with you! they’re so friendly and warm. I love how woman greet each other here, hugs and kisses cheek to cheek.

Dogs RULE the streets of Loja! They are EVERYWHERE. Every house has at least two, but most have five or seven and act like the guards of the house. Two on the roof, two in the patio, one outside the gate and one that roams in the streets. You are not Loajanan if you don’t own a dog.

Well, gotta run, it’s super busy being a missionary. But i am so excited to call the people of Ecuador my family and so grateful for this time to serve the Lord. Love you all, Ciao.

IMG_0919[1] IMG_0925[1] IMG_0928[1] IMG_0944[1] IMG_0931[1] IMG_0936[1] IMG_0939[1] IMG_0953[1]


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